Land of Auroras Chay Tana

ISBN: 9781497373037

Published: March 26th 2014


58 pages


Land of Auroras  by  Chay Tana

Land of Auroras by Chay Tana
March 26th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 58 pages | ISBN: 9781497373037 | 5.20 Mb

Land of Auroras is a selection of 101 of my favourite poems from my previously published collections, The Moment Is Perfect, Soular Souldier, Chica del Alba and Improvisation In Blue- plus Ive added a new one - In the Land of Auroras - to reflect this books title.

I initially planned to only use haikus, parahaikus and other shorter verse - a parahaiku being my own term for a 17 syllable haiku not in the standard Western format of 5-7-5 - but I changed my mind as my actual favourites are my longer poems such as the thematic Soular Souldier, Chica del Alba and Improvisation In Blue. Other longer titles in this collection are Easter Sunday Shipping Forecast, Eres Como Una Luna (You Are Like the Moon or Moonlike), Eye of Mandala Wonderway, Just the Day Every Way Should Begin, Mandarin Morning, Summer Never Ends and Graceful In White Waoist Love In the Middle of Our Lovetime Night.

This latter in particular having had an enormously popular reception when reproduced on Facebook as a sample from The Moment Is Perfect. As a sample from this best of collection, heres another shorter poem which was also aired in The Moment Is Perfect First True LoveI recall meeting my first true love one evening in the rain.I was 18, she was 16.As I stepped from the shelter of a shop doorway, and she stepped from a bus, our eyes metand in that glance was both the immediate and the eternal.LoveShe was there only for me - I was there only for her.Like the rain and the earth - predestined to unite.The moment was perfect.(c) 2014 Chay Tana

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